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Animonsters Addon Minecraft PE

Is survival mode in Minecraft PE hardcore enough for you? We found the way to make it incredibly difficult!

Creator: Sirconol

So what about getting some thrills in Minecraft PE? We found a perfect add-on for people that can describe gameplay in survival mode as “too easy”. All the mobs that was friendly to players now become not only hostile, but extremely strong too.

Animonsters Addon Minecraft PE

The main advantage for fans of hardcore gameplay is that you do not know from which direction you would be struck. Some of mobs cannot harm you because of the nature of their behavior, so the creator added some additional features, but, for example, pigs are much more aggressive than chickens. The full list could be viewed after the installation of this add-on.

Here is a list of mobs and their changed behaviors.

- Walks slow (0.19)
- Health: 25 hearts
- Attack damage: 10

- Fast (0.5) and aggressive
- Health: 1 heart
- Attack damage: 1

Adult horses
- Husk rider on their horseback

- Extremely hostile
- Turns into a zombie pigmen on death
- Health: 5 hearts
- Attack damage: 3
- Movement speed: 0.23

Zombie Pigmen
- Always hostile
- Walks slower (not intentionally, probably a bug)

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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