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My Wolf Add-on Minecraft PE

My Wolf Add-on Minecraft PE

As well as in real life now you can train and upgrade you pet in Minecraft PE, but it certainly will take much less time.

Creator: Falkenvergh

Thanks to My Wolf add-on the list of actions with your pet became rather longer, and most of its new features are useful for you or your wolf. Every upgrade requires certain item, but we do not think that any of them make wolf too overpowered or imbalanced.

Here you can find all combinations and their effects:
  • Red mushrooms cause turning into baby which can breed through, and brown ones is changing its size to normal.
  • Every weapon given to the wolf makes him to achieve a new ability.
  • Sugar can increase movement speed, and clay has the reverse effect.
  • Most of combinations are obvious and the rest of them will be great for you to find on your own.

We must warn you that most of upgrades does not look nice, but we hope that it will be fixed in future updates.

  1. Download My Wolf Addon Minecraft PE .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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