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Custom Flat Worlds Mod Minecraft PE

Custom Flat Worlds Mod Minecraft PE

This is the best mod to create flat world for new adventure, amazing creation or just to test performance of your devise!

Creator: Rodrigojxd

Some of us can spend evenings creating new unique worlds. Others just want to spawn in terrain that would be perfect for certain adventure. Thanks to Custom Flat Worlds Mod, you can pick layers and materials, so set you mind free from any prejudice. Endless ocean? That’s easy! Infinite diamonds? Now you got it!

We hope that creators of Minecraft PE will integrate similar tool into their game, cause we sure that it could expand army of MCPE fans. But there are some warnings. At first, you should install the latest edition of BlockLauncher on your device. At second, this Mod works only with flat worlds, so you have to change the type to “Flat”. Anyway, you still can combine any materials and they will not react with each other till you would make them to do it.

Important: This mod requires the latest version for BlockLauncher. You can get it on Google Play here!

Published: shans; Category: Mods for Minecraft PE ; OS: Android | iOS

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