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War Tank Addon Minecraft PE

War Tank Addon Minecraft PE

Do you wonder why it has not been any tank in MCPE? Because the first one of them is freaky awesome? Don’t waste your time – ride the Tiger right now!

Creator: Gona

Now the MCPE has its own tank, at list, a great copy of Tiger I, the most powerful German tank, that was used during WWII. As far as you can see, this vehicle is pretty solid, so you can use it to fight not only mobs, but other players.

First thing you need is to find one. There are two options: it could be naturally spawn instead of witches or created by a special egg. The second one is much easier. By the way, tank has 60 hearts.

There are some different ways to take control for iOS/Android users and for Windows 10 users. In first case you need just to walk into center, make long press and tap “Drive”. In second case you have to make a right-click into the center of vehicle. If you want to fire, just throw a tank shell into any object during the driving.




Tank has its own container with 27 slots. You can choose from three different textures packs: green, grey or sand. And, we need to remind you that bow and arrow would be replaced by machine gun and your chainmail armor will turn into uniform, which was used by US in WWII.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download one of the following resource packs:
    - Green Resource .McPack
    - Grey Resource .McPack
    - Sand Resource .McPack
  3. Activate the behavior and resource pack for a world

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