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Welcome to one of the best Minecraft PE websites! There will be not so much articles or videos, but you can find any other kind of content. We created it with passion, so the opinion of our visitors is extremely important for us. If you have found broken mods for Minecraft PE, damaged files or invalid links on our portal – use comments to share it with us! By the way, our editor is pretty shy, so if you liked something a lot – share it with us too! We hope that you will enjoy all the stuff that you will find here. Now, let us take a brief journey across the place, where you can find anything you want absolutely for free!

The first place to see is section of addons for Minecraft PE on adroid. Here you can find mods, some of which have opposite task. For example, there is an add-on, which will increase your loot and will make your survival mode experience much easier, and there is another mod, that turn all world into hell, because every mob gains extra abilities and spells, increased hearts and damage. Everybody will remain satisfied, because we have the right entertainment for any kind of mood. We care about our visitors, so all files are checked and we can guarantee that there is no viruses or malware in your archives.

MC Parkour SkyGames is one of the most detailed Minecraft PE parkour maps. You should plan you way to the finish line, because there are many blocks with debuff.

Spanish-speaking person created the Block Party 1.0, but its interface is understandable by Minecraft PE players all over the world, because it is exciting!

There is a lot of horror adventures in Minecraft PE, but The Cube Escape is the first interactive thriller. Your main goal is to show your best performance at every task.

Would you like to know how naturally generated Minecraft PE city looks like? Footscray City suits the surrounding biomes great, so we could not believe that it is creation!

Damage Indicator Mod adds some RPG elements to Minecraft PE user interface. This feature looks great during the struggles with bosses and other strong mobs.

Rooms: E.Y.E. Is Watching is challenging parkour adventure for Minecraft PE. In addition, it has elaborated boost system, which plays important role and decreases difficulty.

You are experiment participant and your only option to survive is to complete all challenges. Rooms 2: E.Y.E. Is WaiTing has a storyline, which is rare for Minecraft PE maps.

The worst nightmare before Christmas is stolen Santa. Can you free him and save the day? In Christmas Chaos: Santa’s Hat, which is map for Minecraft PE, you can test it!

The City of Romna is Minecraft PE creation that can really impress you. Four long months of work and now there are no glitches or known bugs, so just enjoy!

The nightmare of Minecraft PE players, legendary monster is provided by Herobrine Addon. Are you strong enough to kill him or are you just another victim?

Would you like to get some extra thrills from Minecraft PE? Jungle Temple Escape! is the mini-game, which gives you such an opportunity.

Meet the largest Minecraft PE parkour map, which could entertain you for hours. Parkour Spiral is something special and the secret is extraordinary architecture.

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